Friday, February 11, 2011

The Lavender 100 baby challenge: Baby 1. Mixed up Genes

Hayla couldn't wait to start her challenge; once she set her mind on it and convinced herself of all the positive things, nothing could make her stop. Only a short while after her decision was final she got up and walked to potential baby daddy 1. With every step she took her destiny became clearer, and her goal nearer; the man in front of her kept nodding with a grin as she came closer.
"Hello sir. I am starting a 100 baby challenge and would love if you could be my first baby's dad" Hayla said, not wanting to beat around the bush.
"You mean I'll have a girl as pretty as you along with 1 to 3 miniature yous of my own?" he asked.
"You get a day with me and 1 to 3 'miniature me's', but they have to stay with me, though you can visit. You see, there are rules for this challenge" she replied
"What rules?"
"We can have no romantic relationship, merely friends. Our children must stay with me until they're young adults, but you can come visit. You can't move in with me...basically the only thing you get out of this will be your kid or kids"
"I love kids, so I will still do it. By the way, I'm Bubblegum"
"Then we don't need to waste time. I'm Hayla" Hayla said.
He pulled her into a passionate kiss, and Hayla wished she could only share these special moments with the man she loves, but she would much rather have her 100 babies.
After the kiss they almost immediately called a cab to go to Hayla's home. As they walked to the taxi she couldn't stop thinking about the little life that will soon be growing inside of her. She knew she would love the baby at first sight.
The taxi rushed them to Hayla's 'humble home'. Their first stop was of course the bed. Hayla just gave Bubblegum one look and then they dove into the covers. The process was fast and soon baby 1 was conceived.
Afterwards the 2 young adults gave themselves a little treat.
When Hayla went for a little snack, Bubblegum excitedly called a friend of his, telling him about this beautiful woman who would soon carry his baby.
Not long after, he left as the sun started to set and the sandman was eager to pay him a visit.
A little later that night Hayla discovered her first child-to-be's father left a few seeds at her house and she didn't hesitate to plant them. Gardening was her talent, and soon the small life was in the ground, growing.
"You're just like my baby 1; first in this challenge, first young life" Hayla told the little seed.
All her dreams revolved around the babies. She dreamt about teaching them to walk and talk, feeding their little mouths and watching them sleep sweetly, holding them in her arms for the first time and then having to let them grow when they're grown up. That part would definitely be the hardest.
Hayla felt the first signs of morning sickness, but along with that her sneezing acted up. She couldn't stop sneezing straight, non-stop for 2 minutes.
When her sneezing-fit passed, she ran to the toilet and let out the vomit, but another sneeze cam out, splashing the vom' into her face.
After a quick shower to get the puke off her face, Hayla spent the next half an hour in her small garden with the plants she planted last night. They already sprout, and Hayla wondered how long it would take for her baby to show he or she is there.
Hayla placed an easel outside for her as she found that that's the place she wants to be the most, but every time she made a little mistake Hayla would turn round and look around nervously, scared that someone might have seen.
As she was busy with her second painting the nausea struck her again, and she ran to the bathroom at lightning speed, not throwing up on herself again.
Later that day Hayla called Bubblegum over to the library, saying she has exciting news for him.
As he arrived her noticed she had gained some weight, but had no doubts that it was from pregnancy. He spent a lot of time rubbing and talking to her tummy.
"Hey, the baby just kicked! This baby will certainly be a great soccer player someday" Bubblegum said excitedly, and Hayla just smiled.
When he was done with her tummy her wanted to make out with her, forgetting the rules, but Hayla didn't, and pushed him away.
"Nah-uh. Don't you remember the rules? I will have no romantic relationship with you after the baby is conceived. I need to move on to the next father" Hayla said, and watched as his heart was broken.
"OK, OK. I'm sorry, I forgot" he apologised, and they stayed friends by the end of the outing.
As Hayla left for home, a young man with a baby boy walked into the building. The baby kept looking at her, and Hayla felt proud that she soon would have one of her own.
At home she admired her big tummy with the small baby inside as she felt a pair of hands push against her stomach. She can't wait to hold those hands in hers.
"Will my babies also grow up as fast as you 2? I sure hope not" Hayla cooed to the trees as she watered them the next day.
With the eldest tree she had a big conversation about the little life growing inside her. Of course she knew the plant wouldn't talk back, she still enjoyed its company.
Just when she headed inside she froze right in front her her bedroom door as she flat a sharp pain in her stomach. At first she thought something was wrong, but then realised it was contractions.
In the middle of giving birth her cellphone rang, but she just ignored it as she was in too much pain, though she was too shocked to think about going to the hospital. She didn't think she would survive going through this 100 times.
Just as she was about to collapsed, sparkles appeared and out came a handsome young boy. As she looked at him she knew this would all be worth it. She called her little man Aerius, pronounced Air-ree-uh-s (thanks to Topcrust).
She immediately fed him as he looked peckish and cherished the first time she held him in her arms.
Although she had no idea where the dark skin came from, she loved him to bits and couldn't wait to see how he looks like when he gets older. Her mind was focused on finding her next baby daddy.

I need a baby daddy before I can start the next chapter. Please leave them here or here along with baby names and comments. Thanks for all the feedback on the intro.


  1. Awesome update! Yay for the first baby! :)

  2. Thanks Jojo. I'm just wondering where he got his dark skin from. o.O

  3. ...HOW??? The dad is PINK, how is the baby black??? It just doesn't make sense!!! *stumbles around and then cries a little*
    I'm sure he'll be beautiful when he grows up, but she should probably call the daddy to figure out what exactly happened. Perhaps the black skin came from a baby grandpa?

  4. That was about the same reaction I had when she had the baby. I think you're right though, he'll grow up handsomely. I better make her call the dad.

  5. I think it's cause Bubblegums cc skin was based of a darker skin.

    Anyways - thanks for the update

  6. The black skin comes from the blenders, it's Hayla's skin darkened to the darkness of Bubblegum's. I know... strange right. You get some interesting combo's between Nilla and colorful sims that way. Great challenge by the way, very interesting so far. I'm reading to catch up.

  7. Yeah, it has happened to me a lot. :/
    Thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters as well. :D

  8. Love this so far, but one thing I noticed was you switch tenses now and again, but I like your style. I have no daddies to offer, but I can suggest the names Renna for a girl and Tsavo for a boy.

  9. Thanks. :D
    Yeah, I can never stick to one tense, so you'll just have to get used to it. ;)
    I'll definitely use those, thanks!

  10. Same, the guy was purple and the girl is white. I have no idea how the skin was dark... Maybe purple and white made it darker?? I don't know, but that's how it seems to me.