Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aged up

You remember the firstborn (Amelia) from my DiTFT about 2 posts back? Well, she aged up and I decided to post a picture of my founder as well. She's married to Hank (premade) in Sunset Valley.

Founder, Abby:



  1. Thats really nice!
    I see you edited abby

  2. Thanks. :)
    Edited how? If you mean in an editing program, no. :P

  3. Okay but she looks different to the blond girl in the other picture

  4. What other picture? O.O I've never even taken a pic other than this one of Abby. o_O

  5. This one :

  6. ROFL!
    No, that's a modeling comp entry. The model's name is Vernice. :')

  7. Oh my bad ;)
    anyway Abby is nice so Abby is married to hank to and how many kids?

  8. It's ok. :) It's just funny how we can sometimes mistake the Sims for each other.
    Thanks. ^-^ Yup, with 2 kids and pregnant with another one (or more than 1 ;) )

  9. Yeah it is ;)))
    Okay 3 three kids that's sweet, my main family right now if different, Well there is the founder Skyler James and she is married to wait I forgot his name! (attention span of a gold fish)
    Anyway then there is her fur kids Daniel,Alexis,Noah and Adrianna but Adrianna has a different dad to the rest of the kids and her dad takes care of her..long story cut short oh yeah then there Alexis IF that was made real and his name is Cedric!

  10. Lol. Maybe I should call you goldy then. ;)

    Aw, that must be a cute family. <3
    Did Skyler cheat on her husband?

  11. Thanks, And yes she did cheat it was supposed to be a story I was going to make but it was too late.
    But yes she did cheat