Monday, June 27, 2011

Nyan cat?

I suddenly see nyan cat pop up all over the internet. I've watched the youtube video and, call me crazy, but I don't see what the big deal is. Sure, it's a little catchy but nothing to freak out about. And it's long- I pretty much lost interest halfway through the thing. But I'm going to show it to my friend tomorrow anyway; I want to see what she thinks.

Yeah, a bunch of nyan cat fans are probably going to eat me up now, so I might as well make the meal better for you. *throws BBQ sauce over self*

I think it's kinda growing on me. :?...maybe! I dunno, it's weird.

Stars modelling: Assignment 1

We had great entries for assignment 1 and I thought it would be a good idea to share them. This was a non-elimination round.

(The photos aren't working that great on my blog. If they don't show up just re-open the window)

Assignment 1

Kirtykins2 with Vanessa
here is vanessa hard at work talkgin to restles spirits !

now its not easy to capture my sims hopbbie she likes to take videos.. so when i said stay still she posed with her camera

Hox with Sabrina
Job :

Sabrina absolutely hates her job. She works in a small cafe cleaning up. Her worst job is cleaning the toilets, yuck!

Hobby :

When Sabrina gets any spare time she likes to practice playing the guitar. She shuts herself in her tiny bedroom and plays on a really old guitar that used to belong to her grandfather.

Reiya with Leigha
Leigha works at her grandparents' ice cream shop across the street,

But what she really wants to be doing is practicing her true passion:


Maddee with Heather

Heather works full time as a private investigator. It's a hard job, but finding those bad guys is her true passion!

But her parents are pushing her to work towards becoming a professional athlete, like her grandfather.

Maddie with Billie
Billie has a part time job in Katie's Cupcakes:

But she loves to act in plays at the little theatre in the park. This is her as Lucy in Narnia.

jaunty with Miranda
Job:Miranda does the worst job you could think of,and its the longest profession around.
You see she has to proposition herself to earn a living,Miranda has done this job since she was 18.When she left school she walked away with no qualifications,so getting a normal job was impossible,nobody wanted to hire her.She cries every day and night because she knows her parents would be so disappointed in her,she can never tell them what she really does for a living.

Hobbie:Martial Arts

Miranda loves to spend her spare time practicing her moves,She knows she can release her pent up anger when she's training.Her dream is to star in a martial arts movie and hopefully make it big and start to earn the big bucks one day.

Ella with Kimberley
Kimberly works in 'Felicities Furniture Store' as a sales person.Kimberly describes her job as boring and dull and the same everyday.Kimberly doesnt like getting bossed around by her boss Felicity,i think she perfers bossing other people about!Anyway,Kimberly predents she enjoys her job by putting on that fake smile....

But what Kimberly really wants to do is act,act and act and win a number of awards.She normally acts by herself,predenting to be in a movie scene or advert.Here is Kimberly acting out a scene in the snow:

Drew with Debra

Debra works in the office of a large corperation as the coffee delivery lady. Not much, but it pays the bills. Her boss is extremely attractive, and more then once she's walked in on him enticing a willing girl from a part of the office... She just looks straight ahead and pretends not to notice.

Debra loves creating wine! Her father used to give her spare grapes from their vineyard for her to create wine since it was too expensive to purchase. She's loved it ever since!

wyyv with Daniella

Daniella works at the dump sorting garbage day in and day out the works tough, but Daniella tries her hardest every day, in hopes of better luck.

Daniella's favorite hobby is hanging out with her friends-for most, it may not be considered a hobby, but for Daniella it is. Her and her friends have had the greatest times together.

Ali with Kelsie
At the moment, Kelsie is at college, but she also has a job at the local Abercrombie store. It's not very big so she doesn't get payed much and she only joined to get money, meet new people, and if she is lucky then she would like to do some modeling there! Everyone always thinks that her job must be great, but it's not. She spends all her afternoon is a stuffy, dark shop with music that is too loud and constantly asking where things are. She has to look happy and welcoming and she has to fold clothes properly. She hates her job so much but she always gets frustrated when tryng to tell people this because they don't understand.

Kelsie is very vain. In her spare time she likes to dance, or generally just pose. She even has a special white room dedicated to dancing and posing because the likes to take photos and videos.
Kelsie hopes that one day she will do what she loves for a living.

Courtney with Jane
Jane spends her days cooped up in a cramped skyscraper level, with around 40 other people, sitting at a computer screen, while constsantly being thrown insults by angry complains. Of course, the one thing people hate most, a telemarkter. (Is that what there called, not too sure? lol)

Though Jane sometimes wonders, with the long hours and minuminum pay, if it's really worth giving up her true passion.


Jade.M with Cherry
Job- Cherry works as a Personal Trainer at the gym. She hates it. The smell of sweat makes her feel sick. Every morning Cherry hates going to work, but she only does it to pay the bills. Cherry loves finishing work, to enjoy her hobby!

Hobby- Cherry loves reading. She spends most of her time in the libary or at home reading a book. I know you might think it is borning, but it is what Cherry loves to do in her free time. She reads for hours, because she gets so lost in her fav books!

Bert with Layah

Job- Because beauty is nothing without brains, Layah is a librarian.
She has vowed to learn all she can so she won't be taken advantage of when she make it BIG.

Hobby- Drinks can get your mind off of a lot of things, not by drinking them, but mixing them. Layah sees a good time in mixing drinks. the amount of combinations is remarkable, kinda like numbers, but not boring XD

1st: Jaunty; 348
2nd: Maddie; 327
3rd: Courtney; 324
4th: Hox; 323
5th: wyyv; 322.5
6th: Drew; 318.5
7th: Jade.M; 305
8th: Ella; 303
9th: Ali; 302
10th: Bert; 294
11th: Kirstykins2; 289
12th: Reiya; 274
13th: Maddee; 269

The Lavender 100 baby challenge: babies 22 and 23

Sorry for the late update. The update it is a little different, so it took some time to write it.

Babies 22 and 23: Mysterious Trouble

Sunday, June 26, 2011


So, I've figured out there are more people reading Separated at Birth (and want it to continue) than people rec'ing it. I've suspected this for a long time but then my question forms. Rec's are a form of appreciation and something that encourages me to continue writing. I am making a 2nd season of Separated at Birth but I might not post it up on the internet. My question: If you really like something and you want it to continue, why don't you rec it? Even if you have to post as an anon, I'd just like an answer. If you don't have a simming account I understand but tell me, so I know my story appeals to people outside of the simming community.

Ok, my mini rant is over. I'm just wondering about this and would like an answer.
Happy simming! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Today was the last day of school and now we have winter break. *grumbles* stupid cold, no snow.
Anyway, school came out 11 AM and around 10 minutes before the bell rang for scholar partol to go out we got our report cards. When I checked my grade average I saw I went up 2% and my mark was better than ever. It's...97%!! :D And, for the first time ever, I had nothing below 92%. Last term I had nothing below 90%, so I'm in an awesome mood! ^.^

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy dinosaurs. Rawr!

Yesterday in art class we could colour in some dinosaurs (if we wanted to) and my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to colour them in together. At first my friend wanted to make the pictures sensible. -_- Boring! Then I started colouring in the arm purple and she joined in. Look at our colourful results ^.^ :
 Yes, I know it kinda looks like a 3 year old coloured them in, but we were just being crazy and didn't care about making it look good. We call them...our rainbow nation! :D
I wrote this at the back of one of them, but sadly the camera didn't want to be nice and so you can't really see all thewords properly. Anyway, it says 'No dinosaurs were harmed and no monkeys were used during the making of this picture...hopefully!'

Now, following our crazy experience, we want to see how creative the Sims3 community is. To stand a chance to get featured on my blog (yes, there will be rec's involved ;) ) enter your insanely colourful sims/lots. For more information, visit the forum here

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm progressing!

So, it's been about half a month since I put up Separated at Birth's finale and I've finished season 2's intro and I'm busy writing the first chapter. I'm looking forward to doing a 2nd season but I hope the finale is successful enough to encourage me to continue. Other than that, since the first 5 chapters of Separated at Birth aren't that good (only a few words in a sentence), I'm rewriting them. I'm already about quarter way with chapter 5. The reason I'm rewriting them is because I'm hoping to get it published later on and I can't have the chapters that are supposed to draw you in bore you to death. Yeah, I'm in a really good mood right now! ^.^

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Lavender 100 baby challenge: baby 21

Read the new chapter full of Generations features.

Baby 21: Baskets of Children Trouble

Stars modeling

I just started my very first modeling competition. I've competed in various modeling comps and thought it's about time I host my own. So, here it is! :)
Enjoy Stars modeling

Friday, June 10, 2011

My first Picnik edit ^_^

I think it came out pretty good for my first try. :D I have no idea why I suddenly started playing around with the site but I enjoyed it and I'm certainly going to be doing it more often. And yes, I know you can make it already say before and after in Picnik but I forgot, so there! :P