Friday, April 22, 2011

Long time no blog...I think.

It feels like I haven't put anything on here for so long, but yet my last post was in!
I've had lots of drama after wiping my harddrive and my Sims giving me trouble after that. I couldn't get the launcher to open and then it struck me why. Since I backed-up my saved games everything was patched way up and because of that the launcher couldn't read everything properly. I just installed WA and my launcher problem was fixed. It told me the game was incompatible with the data (duh, computer) and after installing and patching up to LN it's like I never uninstalled. And then to make my day better I found a great update concerning Generations- more pics!
Now, to make things even better tomorrow's my birthday! A great birthday present, no school for a week.

Now, enough of my babbling. I've been working on a story a while ago but got a little writer's block concerning it. I'll continue soon though but I'd like you guys to read the first part.

All it takes is one drop, just one too many, and it will all be over; or one handful of her mother’s pills and she’ll get her wish. With the waves softly roaring in the background outside and the small droplets of water falling sideways against the windows, Allah’s tears joined in and it was hard not to jump free from the pain by running into the glass wall. Would you say it’s normal if you want to end your life at sixteen? Everyone would clearly describe it as abnormal and insane; just sorry to them, but her decision has been made final.  Even though she’s the one who wants to do it Allah doesn’t even know why.

A seaside house, a gorgeous appearance, a hot boyfriend and anything and everything a girl her age would desire, but still there was something that made her miserable, something she couldn’t put her finger on, as small as a speck of dust. Her life wasn’t perfect, her parents split up, but she has a wonderful step-dad and no step-mother. There was just one void in her she felt could have made her life better, one thing she forgot, or maybe subconsciously pushed out of her memories.

Allah’s hand slid over the bottle’s smooth sides, opening the tap for water, every ounce of her shaking, and every muscle in her body stressed. She had 15 pills in her hand, an owl hooting outside the window and footsteps sounding at the far end at the beach, splashes following, but her eyes never leaves her hand with her killing weapon. The window burst open from the sudden wind, a few spats of water dropping on her cheeks and her eyes producing more, the first thing she felt in weeks, maybe even months.

She just loved the beach and had to smell that salty water one more time before she can leave, one more stroll amongst the waves with clammy feet on the shore and all the fresh water licking at you from the ocean. Throwing the pills into her pocket Allah shoves open the front door and strolls to the first palm trees a few meters from her house, the fresh air filling her lungs with pride, a sudden change to her stuffy room she isolated in. The moon shone brightly onto her face and pulled the tides graciously from side to side. All of this spelled peace, Allah’s paradise.

Allah closed her eyes, concentrating on the waves and faint rain dropping down on her, breathing in another lung full ocean air. One foot by one she slowly walked forward, still with closed eyes, and instinct guiding her to where the land meets the water. Opening her eyes Allah takes 2 pills from her pocket and puts them on her tongue, waiting for a wave to splash over her to swallow them, just to make the feeling a bit more peaceful, a small tinge of hope going through her veins that the waves will steal the pill away, but it didn’t. The wave came quickly and her minor first step to death was complete. Her head swung to the sky, all the stars winking at her. Subconsciously her hand rose, reaching out to them with a soft stroke to above.

Slowly her eyes closed, her hand falling next to her hip and breathing deeply, the sounds the sea makes with every little move calming her down more. In the distance Allah could hear a guitar playing, the soft singing of a 17 year old boy moving flawlessly up and down the notes with the instrument and the few birds having a late picnic on the beach joining in on the melody. Allah felt half mad that someone would come to her beach and quickly swallowed one more pill, then looking up at where the singing came from.
It was like her heart flew from her chest, like all of a sudden it’s the middle of summer with all the heat and sun beating down on her, and most of all it was like time stopped. What guy in the world can make you feel like that?

“Is it,” Allah asks herself, “that ‘love of first sight’ these brainless love doves are always cooing about?”
She gave another glance at him and a muscle in his cheek sprung as he noticed her, quickly forming into an adorable smile, and his eyes shiny like a million diamonds under the sun.

Thanks for reading. Any opinions possibly?

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