Saturday, April 2, 2011

Shivers: Chapter 1

Emerald’s P.O.V.
I looked around me, every sound a million times louder, every shadow looking like a threat; I was running, I don’t have a cooking clue where or why, I just had to get away, away from life, away from the pain the fire was still burning in me after it ate my parents. My eyes flew over my surroundings like a crazed animal, my mind somehow just falling away, shutting down, and letting me convert to a mindless being. With an aching heart my legs start to lose speed, my eyes gazing in front of me into nothingness.
Finally, after a lot more tears are shed, I come to a complete stop, my blood leaving my face to escape the shock, the misery taking a hump out of my heart, and my brain longing for those days when this was my happy place; it still was though, deep under all the overgrown plants and infesting weeds, beneath the vines curling in through windows, all these broken things ruins of what was once the place my heart brought me to. This was my vacation house, the place my parents bought for me at the age of 10, my favourite place in the world.

My hands flew to my face as I felt a new set of warm tears ready to make the journey onto my face, but as my hands touched my eyes something was wrong, feeling flesh where my eyes should be in my skull; they were still there, but my eyelids were over them, my eyes closed though I could see everything. My heartbeat accelerated as I realised my life could be at stake, not knowing how this could be happening.
In my life everything’s possible, no such thing as abnormal in my dictionary, nor my brain recognising that anything in the world, like fairies, trolls, talking animals, everything that doesn’t exist, is weird or out of the ordinary. I have been pushed to the edge my whole life, a ghost haunting me day in and day out, my dreams so creative and unnatural; if I was honest with you, I’d admit how weird my life is, how everything is upside down, but I can’t with all the complications. I’m an emotional wreck, and that’s more than I can handle right now.

Emerald opens her eyes to find herself in the most unusual place, in her mansion, a place filled with shimmering gold and sparkling jewels, treasure piling up to the ceiling; but there was barely time for excitement, no time to admire these wonderful things, as she immediately stared into a horrible face, the face of the person (or rather, to tell you the truth, the ghost) haunting her. He was closer to her than she would like, so close she could smell his breath, a deadly smell.

“So, Emerald, enjoying yourself?” he asked
“Where am I, exactly?” she replied, witty
“At the top of your mansion. This is all your treasure. Do you know the truth?”
“Why my name is Emerald and that I’m a princess? Yes, and I’m hating it”
“Why, my dear Emerald, that’s only a drop of water in the bucket. You can never imagine the whole truth”
“Then tell me, instead of teasing me! I’m not a baby!”

He turned his back on Emerald, staring through an open window at the stars twinkling freely in the sky, his breathing so stable you’d think he was asleep.
“You have no idea why I haunt you, do you?” he finally asked
“Excuse me, but you never even tried to really talk to until my birthday” Emerald snapped.
“You cost me my life”

“How could I have killed you? The first time I met you I was 1 year old, and you were already a ghost.”
“You don’t understand, and even with this information you still might not, but…I’m…your brother”

Chapters won't be long but if I try to make them longer I woouldn't be bothered with updating this. This way I'll also get more updates out. I hope you enjoyed. Comment here or on my forum. The storyboard version can be found here


  1. Really interesting, can't wait to read more!

  2. Thanks. I can't wait to write more ;)