Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crazy dinosaurs. Rawr!

Yesterday in art class we could colour in some dinosaurs (if we wanted to) and my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to colour them in together. At first my friend wanted to make the pictures sensible. -_- Boring! Then I started colouring in the arm purple and she joined in. Look at our colourful results ^.^ :
 Yes, I know it kinda looks like a 3 year old coloured them in, but we were just being crazy and didn't care about making it look good. We call them...our rainbow nation! :D
I wrote this at the back of one of them, but sadly the camera didn't want to be nice and so you can't really see all thewords properly. Anyway, it says 'No dinosaurs were harmed and no monkeys were used during the making of this picture...hopefully!'

Now, following our crazy experience, we want to see how creative the Sims3 community is. To stand a chance to get featured on my blog (yes, there will be rec's involved ;) ) enter your insanely colourful sims/lots. For more information, visit the forum here


  1. The dinos! ^.^
    Wish I had something to enter, but I think I'll just watch from the sidelines. :D

  2. If what we wrote at the back attracts monkeys you'd be safest watching from the sidelines. ;)
    I especially love the 2nd dino's teeth! ^.^ They're awesome. 8)

  3. They look like jelly beans almost! XD
    Ah yes, sweet, sweet safety! <3

  4. Lol. We thought it looked like he ate a sugar coated cameleon. XD
    Gotta love the safety, eh?