Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy and lazy me D:

Yes, I've been way too lazy to blog lately, sorry guys! )': But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Check out all the modeling comp entries that have been keeping me busy:

Incorporation modeling assign 1:

Staged cycle 2 assign 4:
Staged cycle 2 assign 5:

Casuality assign 5:


And I've been having some fun playing an in-game DiTFT. Check out my first child:

Stars modeling cycle is nearing its end and I've started a new modeling comp, which is nearing the end of assignment 1 (it's due today):

Crazy and Colourful modeling

That's only some of the things I've been doing though. :( I've been doing some fun-ish homework this weekend and of course I'm working on my stories (very slowly though) but I've been slacking off on my baby challenge. I'm hoping I'll find some more time for the stories and all that stuff soon. Wish me good luck?

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