Monday, January 24, 2011

Justa lil' sample

So, here I am in my new simming blog and you viewers were nice enough to check it out. I'm looking forward to blogging here, but expect some randomness from time to time. I'll be posting happenings in my life, stories...randomness, anything! I hope you guys will enjoy it! Here's a little sample of a story to get you started.

The Last Little Glow

Lucy slowly walked through the wood, concentrating on the sound of the autumn leaves breaking under her bear feet, thinking about the episode that just took place moments ago in her house. She can't remember much, just the blood dripping from her family, all their belongings scattered over the floor and all the crying and screaming. She couldn't help but flee, just ran out of there without looking back and leaving everyone she cared about behind. Finally she looked up when a slight breeze made all the leaves blow back, finding herself at the end of the wood, in front of a long river. She carefully looked around, making sure she's alone and then running to the water, but getting there she got a shock. All the way up the hills was a little glow coming closer and closer to her, its speed accelerating and soon it's next to the river, only the water to separate the glow and Lucy. It wasn't long until it found a way over though and continued heading for her, his presence making her uncomfortable. As it reached her she felt the wind knocked out of her and no air returning to her lungs, falling dizzily to the ground.