Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day

Yet another rainy day this month! It's almost been raining almost the entire month. What made it worse today is that we were doing our duty as scholar patrol on the dead side of the school when the rain attacked us. We didn't even have proper raincoats, only plastic bags! :( Only 2 of us had rain coats, because last year's scholar patrol took half the rain coats. At long last we got under a roof, but had to stay there for quite some time to see if we were needed (not likely, as I said that side of the school is dead in the morning -.-). After a while a friend came to assist us with her umbrella. Three of us went back to the inside of the school with the umbrella but the other 2 of us along with the friend made a kind-of-umbrella with our stop signs, the 2 rain coats and a plastic bag. It looked so weird, but at least it worked. We only got a little wet that way, but were soaking from standing in the rain before heading for the roof.

We were all extremely wet, but the good part is that we got to skip the first period! We went to the closest house between the 6 of us and dried our clothes there. Some T.V. in school time, how nice is that?

Thank you guys for all the help on the forums with this blog. To everyone who's following, commented and even just took the time to read it. I really appretiate it!

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