Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Most annoying person?

Just when I thought he was getting less annoying he kicks it up a notch! There's this one boy in my class I want to kill! >:( Everyday he irritates my friends and me at lunch, pokes his nose in our business and is just plain stupid. I wonder if stupid is contagious, because he really started to be annoying when this new guy (who we think was born without a brain) showed up at our school. He says he's "Justin Bieber", even though this boy is SO ugly and stinks, and then when we weren't buying it he said he's a vampire. He was expelled twice before he came to our school and if he gets expelled again he's going to Boys Town (it's a school for criminal kids. You have no choice whether or not to go there and your parents have no say in it. You have to live there until you're eighteen and for girls it's a different school called Girls Town). He scratched the principle's car on purpose and only got a warning! My question is only how he got a girlfriend? And yes, these 2 are kind of friends and hang out with each other.

What's the most irritating person you guys know?

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