Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh the pain!

I'm sure you'd think looking after your 2 year old cousin would be blast, right? Not for me. Do you have any idea how dangerous my cousin is? Looking at him you'd think he's a little sweetheart, but give him any toy and you'll see the truth. He bit holes in his tri-cycle's seat, and that thing's thick! Two days ago when we had to babysit him and his 4 year old sister, I got two bumps on my head. The first time it was innocently. He softly jump onto my stomach and wanted to put his head on mine but went to fast, bumping his head into my nose. You'd think his skull is made of steel! He didn't feel a thing while my pain ended last night when i went to bed. The second time he hit me on the head with a plastic hammer! It's still sore. My 11 year old cousin had to bribe him with a treat to apologise. What a wonderful day, eh?


  1. oh i am so sorry!
    how are you latley jackie???????

  2. It's ok. When I look back it's little funny.
    I'm fine thanks. At least I don't feel the pain he gave me anymore, lol. I'm working on my rainbowcy I'm hoping to post soon.
    How are you?