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Separated at Birth Chapter 13

“B-but I’m Rocky Hendrickson” Arrayna said frightened.
“I’m the real Rocky” the girl said.
“But how is this possible?”
“We were exchanged the day of our birth”
“Yes, that much I know. But how is this possible that you’re here?”
“This is my ghost”

“And how-?” Arrayna started to ask before being cut off by Rocky.
“It’s the reaction of twins like you and Nadine being separated for this long. I have to explain something to you” Rocky replied
“Arrayna got up from the bed, hearing something move as she stood up and lifted the pillow to find the source found the source of the sound; as she did she found the 4 papers she tore out of Nadine’s diary lying where the pillow was, not crumpled, just nice and straight.

Nadine soon woke up in her hospital bed, her mother, father and the nurse on the couch where they were waiting for her to awake, immediately looking at her as the sheets moved.
“Where’s Arrayna?” Nadine asked as she saw her twin nowhere
“We don’t know. When we came back you were on the floor…and she was gone…again” Diana answered, pushing back her tears.

“Nelly was still unconscious on the floor, her eyes burning immensely, and Jesse slowly, very slowly, coming to her senses; as she could finally control herself she crawled closer to Nelly, all her energy drained by her eyes, them turning back to their normal purple colour.
“Nelly…are y-you…ok?” Jesse stammered, shaking from shock
“I…I…don’t know…it h-h-h-hurts” Nelly answered, the pain very overwhelming and her eyes still closed
“I told you…to leave. How bad is it?”

Nelly opened her eyes and rolling around to Jesse, her eyes burning worse.
“They’re glowing!” Jesse gasped sitting up and grabbed Nelly’s face to have a better look.
“What’s going to happen?” Nelly asked frightened, also sitting up and Jesse let go of her face.
“I don’t know; this never happened before. Get onto the couch while I call my mom”

Nelly obeyed, laying her head on the soft material of the sofa whilst Jesse walked to the next room to call mom. At first she didn’t pick up but with the second try it only took a few rings for her to get a response.
“Mom, we have a problem. My powers attacked again” Jesse said
“How bad was it?”

“I infected Nelly” she answered
“Nelly who?” Catriano asked another question.
“Nelly Hendrickson”
“Hendrickson...Hendrickson…is her sister Rocky Hendrickson?”
“I don’t know, but her brother is Vinny Hendrickson”
“Then it’s her. I’ll be right there but your sister has to come with”
“Sorry, but we have no choice. See you in a while”

Vinny was alone at home lying on his bed, Arrayna being the only thing on his mind, along with her birth, the worst day in three people’s lives: Nadine, Arrayna and Vinny. Ever since he met Nadine he can’t stop thinking of that day he pushed out of his mind when he was younger. He wouldn’t be able to forget, because he also had a bad experience that day, other than being hit by someone close.

Suddenly 2 people pulling a baby appeared in front of him; a flashback of the separation again.
It looked as if the baby’s arm is ripping out of place from the woman that grabbed one of her arms she stretched out to her, trying to pull her away from her separator. Suddenly they both released, making her fly through the sky, landing next to Nadine in her sister’s crib; Nadine turned her head to her sister to look at her, sorrow in her eyes.
“You and me fo’eva, sista. We’ll see eachoda again. Just stay ‘twong” Nadine told her sister, stretching out her hand to her.
“Us fo’…eva. Don’t fo’get me…you’re my twin fo’eva” Arrayna replied.
“I’ll always wememba you”
“Me too…sissy…I don’t want to leave”
She took Nadine’s hand in hers and started crying, her twin also sobbing.

He heard 2 people come closer, entering the room and the man who held the baby came to Vinny where he was hiding in a small room next to the nursery. Just as he was about to see the man’s face he was dragged to the back and was knocked our, everything going black.

He woke up in a big van, one that’s like a house, his head in a bandage and he tied to a bed, no one appearing to be there except for the driver and him.
“Is someone here? Please!” Vinny yelled desperately
The van took a wide turn and almost crashed, a soft clicking sound being heard once it went straight again, and footsteps coming to Vinny. As it did, his heart wanted to jump out of his chest.

He couldn’t see who it was because every possible part of flesh was covered and no gender could be determined just by sight. The person released Vinny from the bed that imprisoned him and dragged him to where the steering wheel is, taking it off auto-pilot, sitting on the seat and continuing driving by his- or herself.
“What is going on?” Vinny asked, moving forward slowly.

At first he didn’t get and answer but after a few minutes of silent driving he got a response.
“We can’t have you there; you’ll ruin our whole operation” the person said, still no gender determinable.
“What operation?” Vinny asked cautiously
“You won’t remember much of this anyway, so I guess I can tell you. It’s about the twins, but that’s only on the surface; there’s much more to the plan than my partner even knows about”
“What twins?”
“The Matthew twins…AND your baby sister”

“Did I really go to my real house… to get these papers?” Arrayna asked Rocky.
“No. It was just a vision, but until you and your sister really reunite you 2’s visions are as good as reality” she answered
“Can other people see you?”
“They can feel my presence, but won’t see me unless they believe”
“But I thought you were sort of a vision”
“You I didn’t completely die on our birth; you 2 allowed me to come back in the form of a ghost today.”

“But how couldn’t you completely die?”
“I’ll answer all your questions later, but right now we have to get moving” Rocky said.
Before they started for the door Arrayna took the 4 pages from under the pillow and just as she turned around to face Rocky again, she nearly bumped into the person in front of her.

She slowly looked up into the person’s face and found it familiar, the purple hair falling a little into face and green eyes staring at her; Arrayna couldn’t help but feel vulnerable in front of this woman feeling something push up inside her. Like something you experienced with someone, or a smell or picture, and the next time you see the picture or smell the smell you experience the same thing but often can’t put your finger on it; this woman had that effect on Arrayna. As the girl continued staring into the woman’s eyes she started feeling dizzy, and soon collapsed into the woman’s arms.

Nadine sat on her hospital bed, alone in the room with her thoughts, the tears flowing down her face non-stop from losing her twin again; she wasn’t alone for long anymore as she heard a knock on the door, but she was reluctant to let the person in.
“Go away!” Nadine cried
“I can’t do that” the person said; a boy sounding about her age.
“Why not?”
“I just need to deliver these flowers and then I’ll leave if you still want me to”

Slowly the boy entered with a flower bouquet of pink roses and white bellflowers behind his back; with every step he came closer Nadine could smell the sweet flowers even better, and every now and then her heart skipped a beat. He set the bouquet down next to her bed and then just stood there with her, his bright green eyes twinkling in the light and smiling sweetly.

Nadine couldn’t resist, melting for his smile as it became wider, just like any young girl of her age thinking of promising marriage in their innocent way, but then it felt like everything collapsed beneath her. All her foundations were falling from beneath her, leaving her with no support, and seconds later it felt like she was soaring through the air, carefree. Then it was all just silent, no collapsing feeling, no successful feeling, just emptiness.

“Nadine! You have to see this!” a girl of the twins’ age yelled to Nadine as she entered the room; not in the hospital, but in her real house. Slowly Nadine awoke in her bed and sat up straight.
“What is it, Chanel?” Nadine asked her best friend.
“Turn on the TV on the news!”

Nadine did as she asked and the screen came to life and a male reporter reporting the latest news appeared, saying:
“Inside information alarmed us that young Miss Nadine Matthew, 7 years old, daughter of the mayor Rian Matthew and famous singer Diana Matthew, was never an only child but has a long lost twin. With their birth it appears that they were separated and the baby that was in the twin’s place’s lungs fell flat. We heard that Nadine’s twin’s name is Arrayna Matthew, but currently goes by Rocky Hendrickson, as she was named by her so-called-parents. This information was obtained from Nadine herself”

“When did you talk to the press?” Chanel asked curiously.
“Ssshhh!” Nadine silenced her
The reporter continued:
“Right after Arrayna was kidnapped from her sister’s hospital room the other 3 Matthews left the hospital for an unknown reason. We received terrifying news that the hospital was bombed. So far only 2 bodies were found (gender and identities still undetermined), one around 30 years old and the other 40. Arrayna was found nowhere between the rubble, but a glimmer of hope still remains as the rest of the hospital is yet to be searched.”

Next followed pictures of the 4 Matthews and Hendricksons; Nadine and Chanel stared at the screen, shocked from the news. Minute after minute flew by in silence.
“My twin…is dead?” Nadine squeaked.

I know this chapter isn’t that interesting but the season finale (next chapter) will be much better. The boy Nadine met in the hospital was made by FireBird99; I just made a few changes. Chanel is modelled after one of my best friends and I’ve been planning to put her into separated at birth for a while. Comment here or here. Find the storyboard version here

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