Monday, August 8, 2011

Any Genre Writing Competition Season 2: Winners

We're already on the 2nd assignment with season 3, so it's about time I post this.

Third place: Emily (mle4ever)
Runner up: Casey (missnote)
Winner: Fruhurricane

A special interview completed by the winner:

What was the first thing you ever wrote and do you think it was any good? When I was a kid I had two small figures that I wrote lots of short stories about. They went on different adventures basically, back then it was quite good. Nowadays, not so very.

What inspired you to start writing?
I don't remember, I just know I have always enjoyed reading and writing stories. My 6th christmas I got a typewriter, it was the best present I had ever got.

What is the easiest genre for you to write and do you have a reason why?
I find it easiest to write about misery. I guess I have been through quite some tough things in my life. During my teenage years I went through a depression and managed to come out strong from it, this was the years I wrote the most though and I guess the feelings and words in that matter lays close to my heart still.

Do you plan on trying out a new genre soon?
I'm writing quite a lot of love stories now and it's really fun. Writing about happy things is deffinately harder for me.

In your opinion, do pictures matter when you read/write a story?
If the pictures are good then they can add to the story, although they can easily also break the story. I usually write without pictures.

How far did you think you’d make it when you first joined the competition?
There were so many contestants when we started, I never thought I'd win this! There has been a lot of good writers competing against me and I wouldn't have been surprised if I had got eliminated early on.

Do you think you’ll join another writing competition soon?
For the moment I will focus on my legacy and the story I have planned out. I will most likely join one at some point again though.

What do you have to say to aspiring writers hoping to win a few writing competitions?
Find someone to help you read your assignment before you turn it in. And follow your instincts, you know how your piece should be. No one else does, but they can give you valuable input.

What are your current writing projects?
I write a story about my legacy; Oh Lord. I've chosen to keep the story the most important part. I also have an idea for a story in the Berry Sweet world, which should be started soon enough.

When you post stories where do you prefer to post them and why?
I use Wordpress for all my Sim stories. I like the way you can edit your text, it's easy but also provides advanced tools if you want some.

From everything you’ve written what is your favourite?
I wrote a short story when I was 16 (that's a long time ago!) that I still hold very dear. It was about a homeless man for a school assignment. I got the highest grade on it.

I'm also very proud about my entry for assignment 6 in this competition.

How do you get out of writer’s block?
I take a break. There's no way I can force myself to get out of it. Instead I go read something or watch a movie to get inspired.

What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?
I write because I enjoy it. I noticed early in life that I could accomplish interesting stories if I used my imagination so I've just kept doing that.

If you could change/improve one thing about your writing what would it be?
The grammar of the english language.

Do you have some writing tips for simmers hoping to improve a little on their writing?
I like to focus on details. If it's raining you can explain it instead of just saying "It rains." And get used to explaining emotions, I love to get to know the characters in stories, how are they reacting?

Can you give us a little sneak peek of what you’re currently working on?
This is a bit tricky, I don't want to give too much away... In my legacy I'm currently presenting the third generation, Ivory. She has been seeing an older man for a while until she discovered he wasn't exactly who she thought. Let's say that generation is currently at its most intense happenings right now.

The next chapter will start off like this:
I ran and I ran, without any idea to where I was heading. All I knew was that I needed to get as far away from that house as I possibly could. I swore to myself to never have anything to do with Graham, Simla Pictures, cameras or blood again after that.

I didn't stop until I literally bumped in to something. Or someone, to be more precise. I don't know for how long I had been running, it could had been a couple of seconds, minutes or even hours. All I knew was that I hadn't got far enough yet.

Is there anything you would like to link?
The legacy can be found at:
My other sim stories and short stories at:

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