Friday, August 19, 2011

Secrets Unknown: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

What’s the fastest way to get to a faraway house in the middle of the night? I can honestly tell you it’s NOT running. As I was running as fast as I could to Malcolm’s house the only thing I could think of was Mandy; that, and of course how I should have called a cab instead of running.
All I could hear was the beating of my heart and the rhythm of my feet running on the road; every now and then a small car or huge truck would zoom past me before I could even think of asking for a lift, but this time I appear to be lucky. A massive truck transporting eggs to a shop stopped right next to me.

“Hop in!” the driver called when he threw the passenger door open.
I didn’t hesitate for a second, even though I’ve been taught not to accept rides from strangers, and as soon as I sat down on the seat it was like my feet thanked me for relieving them from their pain.

“Where to?” the driver asked when the truck started moving again, and I gave him Malcolm’s address.
After a few minutes of silence he asked another question.
“Have you figured out how you’re going to save me yet?” he asked, turned to me and smiled.

This was the first time I looked at the driver since he picked me up and for the first time I realised I accepted a ride from that hooded figure I talked to at Mandy’s school.
“And why are you here?” I replied; my voice as icy as the tip of an iceberg.

“You know…you shouldn’t look for the answers in Mandy’s childhood…you should look for it in your own.”
“It’s dark enough; I’m sure you’ll find something in there.”
We were silent for the rest of the ride; partly because I was engulfed in flashbacks.

*28 years ago*
“Just one more minute!” my dad called.
“Nah, nah! It hurt, hurt!” I cried, the tears stinging my eyes.
I was stuck in the middle of an acid pond at the age of 1; it wasn’t deadly acid- it only felt like it. I accidentally felt into it and my dad being a scientist just had to study the effects of it.

*25 years ago*
I stared at the dark path in front of me in the wood, after my parents forgot about me when we went camping and they drove home.
“You’ll protect me, right teddy?” I wailed and hugged my favourite toy.

*22 years ago*
“But I don’t want to go to school again!” I cried after my mom picked me up; the day of my first day of school.
“You have to go, honey. You know your dad doesn’t want you at home” mom said, giving me a warm hug.
“Why does he hate me?”

*17 years ago*
“Honey…are you ok?” mom asked when entering my room.
“No! Granddad…is dead! He was the only one except you who cared about me” I sobbed and broke out into hysterical crying.

The awful flashbacks didn’t stop until Malcolm greeted me with a hug when we reached his house.
“So…uh…what did you find about Mandy?” I asked, slowly coming to my senses.
“Yes; over here” I replied and lead me to the dining room.

He took a note out of the fruit bowl and gave it to me, flashing me a sympathetic smile.
“A note?” I said surprised when I had it in my hands.
“Yes. I don’t know how it got here, but I think it’s important” Malcolm replied and I slowly folded the note open.

I read:
Dear mom

I know about the bomb. You tried to protect me, but it didn’t work. Someone saved me, and I know how to save the mysterious figure. You have one chance to save me before the disease spreads. I need you!

Barrels full of love

After I read it, probably about 10 times just to see her handwriting, I turned it over to find something written at the back.
Tomorrow, 6 AM, Flash Docks
Be there or lose hope’

Hope you enjoyed! I wanted to get this up last weekend but school decided to cut in. -__-
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