Sunday, August 21, 2011

Resurface: Chapter 2

Emily (mle4ever) and I are doing collaborative story- Resurface. I wrote chapter 2 and took the pictures. Emily will be writing chapter 3. Enjoy!

The only thing Tegan could hear was the beating of her heart as she lay in her mother’s arms, crying while her mother tried to comfort her.
“Mom” Tegan said in a small voice and carefully looked into her mom’s eyes.
“Yes baby?” Mom answered, forgetting that she hates being called a baby but right now Tegan really doesn’t care.

“Do you think Debbie will be ok?”
“I don’t know…we can only hope.”
Silence filled the living room until the phone finally rang and mom left to answer it, while Tegan carefully turned on the TV.

Sound exploded from the speakers, the reporter reading the news:
“Important broadcast! Double digits- a new threat? Yesterday at the beach Miss Debbie Kovela was found unconscious in the water when her younger sister, Tegan, turned 10. Is it a coincidence, or is double digits mankind’s new #1 threat? More to follow after the break!”

Tegan immediately tried to turn off the TV, but something in the newspaper caught her eye; it was the main headline “10 YEAR OLDS REAK HAVIC!”
Taking the paper in her hand she saw her own face next to 2 other girl and a boy- all 10 year olds.

She read:
“Is it just a coincidence that these 4 kids turned 10 the day their siblings drowned? People are pulling out their hair at the thought of the threat of double digits. Reporters are requesting an audience with these 4 children. Some people think they should be locked up and others think they should be tested on.”

Tegan threw the paper across the room, her face pale and her hands shaking.
“Tegan, what’s wrong?” her mother asked when entering the room.
“I’m a threat!” she cried and ran into her mother’s arms.
“Oh, that’s not true.”
“It is! It says so in the newspaper and on TV!”

The rest of the day was occupied by Tegan’s crying, until finally the doorbell rang at 5 PM and her mother got up to answer it.
“Can I help you?” mom asked the person at the door.
“Yes. I’m here to arrest Tegan Kovela” the person replied; he was a police officer.
“What for!?”
“Being double digits; newly aged 10 year olds are threats.”

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