Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another chapter almost done!

A chapter of what? Separated at Birth of course! Yup, I've almost finished writing chapter 2 and am loving writing this story again. I guess I have to thank school for giving me enough time to write. Secrets Uknown's next chapter is also done, so it shouldn't be too long till I release updates after this weekend. ^-^
Oh, and my sister wanted to kill me when she started reading Separated at Birth's chapter 1 when I started typing it up. She saw something that adds a sad-dramatic twist to the chapter but didn't see the end, so she's pretty mad at me. :P Yeah, she didn't like that twist.


  1. What about the 100 baby challenge?

  2. I love writing stories and that isn't a story, so I don't care for it much. *shrugs*
    I only started it because I was bored but I don't have much free time anymore and I'm using what I have to update my stories. IF I have enough time it will be up this weekend.

  3. Ok I know how you feel about free time i have been very busy lately :)