Friday, July 8, 2011

Truth Before Dawn

Truth Before Dawn

There are many things in this world we can’t explain and just don’t understand, but what if one little girl could have all the answers?
The rain dripped slightly, soaking Marine’s brand new sketchpads as she wiped the drops of water from her glasses. No one would think that this helpless 5 year old girl would be able to save the world.

Her rich brown eyes sparkled with delight as the raindrops splashed her beautiful tanned skin with mud when they hit the ground. No matter how much misfortune strikes her she keeps going with enthusiasm as she knows that whatever happens, she’ll be able to keep going.

Without the faintest sign of worry or sorrow on her face she runs to her favourite place in the whole neighbourhood, only a block away; when she reached the hollow tree her sketchpads were already soaking wet and her body drenched with water, but when she saw what was waiting for her there she didn’t care about the rain or anything else.

The whole forest was dark and shadowy, with only the faint sound of the rain drip-dripping on the plants. Her heart raced as her brain had to think at super speed, to be ready to take on what’s coming her way; as birds flew from the trees to flee from what was lurking around their home only one thing was clear. Marine whipped out her sketchpad and fiercely started drawing the scene in front of her as a tear rolled down her cheek.

There was a reason behind this madness, the explanation everybody wants but can’t have; as her pencil gently ran along the smooth white paper a dark figure approached her, smiling a wicked smile while he watched her sketch and waited for the right moment to make an appearance…

I hope you enjoyed this. ^.^ I'm releasing a lot of intros today and am only continuing the most successful one. For more info visit its forum: here
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